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Tamil Heritage Centre, Auroville

This is a joint venture between Imago Auroville, Auroyali and Meena fiberglas industries for the roofing work for Tamil Heritage Centre located in Auroville, Puducherry. The design has been developed by a German architect from Imago. The RCC structure is built by Auroyali. It is a pyramid shaped roofing structure above the RCC structure.

We’ve designed the profile, developed and the product has been acquired through pultrusion process. The rafter profile is the biggest FRP profile that has been manufactured in India through Pultrusion method. The longest rafter measures about 10m. The profile used for purlin has also been developed specifically for this project. The profiles passed the given specifications with high load bearing capacity. As it is a seashore area, using FRP would been the best idea to protect the structure from corrosion. As FRP weighs ¼ of steel and provides 2 times the strength of steel, the load bearing capacity of the roofing structure is higher as well as the load given to the RCC structure is also reduced.

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