Chemical Sector Applications

  • Elevated walkways

  • Chemical loading/unloading platforms

  • Access Systems for hazardous waste areas

  • Gratings for trench covers

  • Gratings around maxing tanks and pumps

  • Platforms over piping and other equipments

  • Access platforms to tanks and process vessels

  • Walkways, skids and platforms for chemical storage areas

Moulded gratings, Handrails, and ladder systems provide safe access to tanks.

Staircase, handrails, gratings and structural profiles provide access platforms to fuel cars.

Gratings and structural profiles create slip resistant walkways over existing track pans in refineries.

High load capacity pultruded gratings are used over trenches and can withstand heavy vehicle loads.

Pultruded gratings and staircases provide access platforms to chemical facility buildings and processing equipment.  Our ladders and railings also ensure safety for workers.

Pultruded grating is used in chemical storage buildings for chemical barrels or other containers.  The open mesh allows for drainage in case of accidental spills or leaks.

Staircase and pultruded grating provide corrosion resistant walkways and platforms throughout chemical facilities.

Oil and Gas Sector Applications

  • Boat landing, Splash zones

  • Stairways, decking, bridges and boardwalks.

  • Walkways over mud pits /tanks

  • Communication / Radar Platforms

  • Access platforms for metering stations, valve operations and other areas.

  • Ship’s Ladders

Our railing and pultruded grating can be used around loading zones for added safety and to create slip resistant walkways.  Pultruded structural sections can also be used in multiple areas on large shipping vessels.

Corrosion and slip resistant pultruded products including staircases, handrail, grating, and structural profiles provide access platforms to processing tanks located on the shoreline.

Pultruded grating with phenolic resin is used in numerous areas on offshore oil & gas rigs, due to its corrosive resistant and lightweight properties.

Pultruded gratings are used for walkways, platforms, catwalks and stairways on semi submersible platforms due to their corrosion resistant and lightweight properties

Pultruded grating can be used to protect whole manifold areas or subsea trees, with its corrosion and impact resistant properties

Water and wastewater Sector Applications

  • Tank & equipment access platforms.

  • Handrails at basins, clarifiers, etc.,

  • Elevated platforms & walkways.

  • Filter media, support grids & Structures.

  • Ladders, safety cages.

  • Trench and vault cover.

FRP stairway systems and platforms are engineered to meet your specific requirements.

FRP handrail and walkways can be used on and around clarifier tanks.

FRP Pultruded grating is easily fabricated for projects that require unique dimensions.

FRP ladders, handrail and pultruded grating walkways can make tanks safer and easier to access.

FRP handrail systems and gratings are used throughout sedimentation basins.

Our stairway systems, made of all-FRP materials, can be used to access tanks.

Water towers can be outfitted in FRP walkways, handrail and ladders to reduce maintenance and increase safety.

Recreational/Architectural Applications

  • Solar Panel Walkway.

  • Fence and Railings

  • Yacht Deck/Dock

  • Ferry Boat Access

  • Cruise Ship Terminal

  • Pool Overflow drainage Covers

  • Roofing solutions for rooftops.

  • Roofing solutions for rooftops. Boat Docks, Walkways

  • Stairways, Decking, Bridges, Catwalks

  • Access Platforms, Ramps.